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Nestled comfortably in Genting Road, Maketh Project was conceived in 2014 as a platform to share the passion of leather crafting and to innovate individuals into creating their own personalised works of art. With the intention of engaging both avid and novice crafters alike, we strive to bring out the best of leather crafting creativity unto the table. Constantly striving to create fresh and unique designs for our crafting community, we focus on developing a crafter’s vision through our custom workshops, ultimately realising their own creative vision.

This passionate company is fronted by Adlina and Netty, a duo of enthusiastic leather crafters. They hope to bring their love and zest for leather crafting through their mentorship and crafting sessions. Maketh Project aims to create a vibrant and connected crafting community filled with fun, creativity and pride within Singapore. We hope to leave a sense of satisfaction with every individual that walks through our doors.


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Maketh Project has been providing professional and innovative workshops for many corporations over the years. Having catered to over 2000 staff and organising over 200 corporate workshops, Maketh has served as a platform for staff and crew to innovate and bond. Our corporate workshops strives to provide the best fit crafting activity for a fun, invigorating and unforgettable event, where everybody gets to bring a piece of it home.



Maketh Project have developed a seamless way to bring leather crafts to event spaces. Be it for a weekend fair or a wedding booth, Maketh Project have a range of items that would be perfect for your guests. Patrons are thus introduced to the beginnings of leather crafting, leather marbling and finishing. Our leather craft booth would be the perfect addition to a fun-filled day.

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Maketh Project provides a seamless platform for a fun-filled activity any day. From a bachelorette crafting party to a chill hang out with a group of high school classmates. Take a different and unique turn from the usual chat and dinner and instead, spend the afternoon at our studio, crafting a one of a kind craft for yourself. Much like every piece of leather, every catch up should be special, so, craft that something special wth your friends and experience a day that will most definitely be etched as an unforgettable memory, only this time, you get to bring it home.

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Maketh Project believes in individuality and each craft perpetuates that very belief. Workshops at Maketh Project has always been tailored to allow for creativity and innovation. With the introduction of leather stamping, each crafter would be able to quite literally imprint a part of themselves upon their work. Our crafters get to experience the self satisfaction of creating something that is truly them and theirs, essentially one of a kind.

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Maketh Project serves to cater to the masses. Our standard workshops serve to inculcate the basics of leather crafting through various unique crafts, ranging from wallets to bags. These workshops will bring you through the beginning to end of the leather crafting, allowing one to get a taste of the art and serves as the perfect starting step for fresh crafters.

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Maketh Project seeks to collaborate with many other related organisations in order to expand our crafting network. This year we will be collaborating with Cityluxe to offer exclusive workshops over at their space. 

Do contact us if you wish to collaborate and have us arrange a custom workshop for your company or brand.

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